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How To Find A Phone When it will actually Get Lost.!!!

How to find a phone with Google Account, Which was actually lost.: 

Hi, Friends Today we learn about, when our phone get lost 

so what should we have to do? 

These Trick will work when: 

Your Lost Phone Have Google Account. 

You Should Know your Google Account credentials

Your Phone Internet Should Be On. 

Your Phone Location Should Be On. 

Now, What We Have to Do to? 

First Open any browser in other Phone, 

Then Visit The Link: ,

Then Sign In With Your Google Account, 

Then You will see your Phone Like For Example Your Phone VIVO Y1 Then the name shows over here if your phone is online,

Then You can See the Location Which is not a proper location but it was the last location of the phone, 

How It will Help You Out? 

There You Have Three Options:                                                                                                

-Play Sound 
-Secure Device
-Erase Device  

1. Play Sound: It will help you out, that like if you click on Play Sound Option Then the Phone Rings on Full Volume With a Sound Which will actually rings about for 5 minutes and it will not get stopped by anyone. 

2. Secure Device: It Will help you, Like if you click on it your phone will get actually Locked with google account and you will able to send messages to the person. 

3. Erase Data: It Will Actually Helps you in like if you have any important data in phone then you will be able to delete the data from your device but after that you are not able to get it back.

Note: Kindly Inform Your Nearest Police Station For The Same as well. 
I Hope You Like The Information, if you like it then share with anyone. 

Thank You So Much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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