I don't get Recording Option while on Call


Hi today's topic is simple as well as most difficult problem now a days that i am on call and don't see the button of call recording, so then What should i do?  

Ok,  if you want to know the answer then Read the steps Carefully and why these will happen?  If we talk about why these happens, may be we have select any other application rather then our default dialing Application.  

So in Simple Steps, Lets Start:- 

✔️ First Open Truecaller App 

✔️ Then You will see 3 Dots on The Top Right Corner of The Phone 

✔️ Then Click On Setting Option

✔️ Then Click on Caller ID Option 

✔️ In Caller ID You Have Style Option Full Screen and Classic pop up.  you have to Select Classic Pop Up From Full screen Mode.  

I hope now your Problem Got Solved, if Have any phone or App Related Problem Then Share it in Comments section. 


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