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Best App to Invest In Gold-JAR APP REVIEW |App Review| Digital Gaurav

Now-a-days, everyone wants to save money 💰 but we don't have money sometimes and we are planning to save money by just putting little of money. Today I will tell you about an Application  WHICH IS JAR APPLICATION By Which you can Invest in Gold, Very Easily, Consistently, With A Great User Interface.  So without wasting time let's get started with todays Topic. 

If I talk about the Application, Application is simply for Investing in Gold where you can simply Start with Rs. 10 only and save Money By Daily investing, and any time investing any amount is valuable so you can do it. Application is Available in Link Below. 

How to Start with This Application ? 

Login Interface of Jar App

Starting is very Simple A Very Simple User Interface is shown where you have to just add your mobile number and your account is ready as I told you as simple as that.  

If we talk About Interface After Log in? 

Startup Interface of Jar App 
On Top Center You will See Gold Price Which is Live You can see every time it will help you to save money. You Will See Spin Which you will get on every successful transaction and also Earn by Helping your Friends. When You click on wallet Then Will Redirect to Your Profile Page. Where On The Top bar You will see your name as You see my name on Top, and on Right Top Corner you will see settings Icon. after your Profile you will see How much Gold you own and how much you will now ready to invest and save. On the bottom of your own gold option You will see Sell Gold Option Where you can Sell Gold. Withdrawal History is Shown Under Sell Gold Where you will see History of Your Transactions. 

After That You will See My Jar Winnings Where you Will see Your Daily Spin Winning Amount. 

After My Jar Winnings You will see Transactions Where You Will See all of your Transactions at one Place. 

As we talk About Settings? 

Settings Interface of Jar App
-Edit Profile:- Where You will Edit your Profile. you can change your name.

-Refer and Earn:- Where You Will Get your Income Source like your Referral code. Share it with your friend and help them to save money. 

-Have a promo code:- If you have promo code some one shared with you so can enter the code. 

-Jar Security Shield Option:- Where You Can Open An Extra Security For Your Gold Wallet. 

Transactions & Withdrawals 

Invoices: You Will get all your invoice here whatever transactions you made. 

Pause Saving:- In These Option You can Pause Your Auto Savings for (10 Days, 15 Days, 20 Days, or 1 Month) 

Round-Off:- You Can select two Option Over here Round of Rs. 5 or Round of Rs. 10 for Savings. 

AutoPay: Here you will select payment modes to Select for automictically Saving in your Jar wallet. 

Saved UPI address: In These option You can save your various UPI ID's to save your Money. 

Gold: Here means that What's the price of Gold is that particular present time.  

Notifications, help & Support & Logout

Manage Notifications:- As you are aware that what notification is? So i guess i don't have tell many things here. But, Yes in that Particular Option You have Four Options Where (i) Push Notification, (ii) Payment Reminder, (iii) WhatsApp Updates. So i will give a brief about these option below:- 

(i) Push Notifications: If we talk about this option, this is for the Notifications regarding your withdrawals, deposits any new offer regarding in your status bar so this is for your normal app notification under your notification bar. 

(ii) Payment Reminders: This is regarding your auto pay options, pay later or you can say Pause saving reminders which are shown under it. 

(iii) WhatsApp Updates:- If you open it, then you will get good opportunities updates on WhatsApp also.  

Help & Support:- 

(i) Support:- You can get support from jar app on WhatsApp By Selecting the option of Support. So Easy to get help & support. 

(ii) Terms & Conditions:- So all companies or apps have their terms & conditions these App Also have so you can read in it. 

(iii) Privacy Policy:- These Policies regarding your Privacy where almost everything is under your favor but Read them carefully. 

(iv) FAQ:- In these you will get answers about your Simply asked Questions. 


Click on Logout If you want to logout but I know you always to login in this application.

As Conclusion This app is most liked application Now-a-days, so You will also start saving with these application. 

I Hope You Like the information for your application So Lets Get Started Click On Download Button and Start Saving 


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