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If you are Shopkeeper or you want to open a Shop or want to become wholesaler so these make your business grow at a very high level.  Today we talk about an Application which is very good to grow your Departmental/Cosmetics/Karyana business at High Level.  

What is ApnaKlub? 

ApnaKlub is an Application from where you can buy your Shop goods at a wholesale price online, delivery at your home, and so many brands with good profits will be given. So ApnaKlub is your online Helper to get your shop goods at your doorsteps.  Goods or brands available are Dettol,  Parachute , So many Perfume brands,  Ponds, Pearls and many more. So you should go with these app and make your purchase of stock online without wasting your precious time. You can download it from play store or can download it from given download button below. 

How the Apna Klub App Looks Like 👍

How to Start With ApnaKlub App?  

The biggest question is how to start with ApnaKlub Application and How can we join ApnaKlub, So it's so simple to join you just have to download and Sign up With your Mobile Number only You will Get OTP and You are welcome in ApnaKlub App.  So you see how simple is that. 

If we talk About ApnaKlub App Interface 

So let's talk about App interface, when we login with our mobile number we get logged in to ApnaKlub App Shopping or Home Page you can say where you find  

-At the top left corner to add your address where you want delivery,  on other side or opposite (right top corner) a Cart and your Profile Option, so if we talk about cart so thats mean whatever you need you will add in cart so at the end you will check what are items are in your stock list.  And profile Option also Available we will talk about it later. 

- Then after your top left or right corner below that there is a search bar where you can easily search your brand or product whichever you want to purchase.  

-then after search bar, you will get banners or highlights of brands whichever you want you can purchase.  

-After that categories products are shown All Products,  Top Selling,  Kirana Exclusive and many more which will enhance your online shopping Experience.  

- At the bottom, you will different buttons available, Like Home, Feed, Catalogues, Ordres and Learn. 

-Home Button: Home button is for you to get on your home page on which are talking about above.  

- Feeds: Feeds means that whatever you purchase can share on the feed that you will purchase these good or product.  

- Catalogues: you can download catalogues and share with your next partner to sell at that price will be given to you.  

-Orders: In Order Section, you will Find all your order purchased from ApnaKlub so You can easily see digitally on your mobile app. 

- Learn: In Learn Section you will get detailed videos how to use these application, how to use it,  What is ApnaKlub and Many More.  

Now we talk about Profile 

In Profile at the top you will your Name and Mobile number when you can also set your profile picture. 

-My Wallet:- Where you just once add your band Account Add money and make your purchase.  

- My Bank Details: here you have to add your bank details like your Account Holder Name, Account no., Bank Name and IFSC code and your bank will be added.  

- My Documents: In this section you have to add your shop related Documentation for your shop KYC,  you can add your GST No. Or CST Certificate or Shop and Establishment License, Scale License, Municipal Receipt and many more so you can add images or PDF here. 

-Return and Replace Policy: This is the most important part you will check all the policies about Return and Replace so kindly read it and then when you are ok with it then you will proceed further.  So Read them Carefully. 

-About ApnaKlub: In This Section you will get information about ApnaKlub What Is Apna Club?  What They offers?  What are the Product's line are available these type of all information given in these section. 

-Contact Us:- In This Section you can contact ApnaKlub Via WhatsApp,  Direct no.  Given and you can contact via Email and know about them. 

-Terms & Conditions:- Every Company has its terms and Conditions so they also have so read it carefully and then proceed further. 

-Privacy Policy: your data related information policies are given under this section so read it carefully. 

-logout: simply means you can Logout from app which you will never do i know because these app will be really helpful to you. 

If you want this also in Hindi, So comment in Comments Section that you want it in hindi also. 


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