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How to Create a Blog in Blogger? and How to Earn from Blogger? || Chapter No: 1, Blogger Series by Digital Gaurav

 Who is Blogger ? 

Blogger  a word which is with a great meaning or with a vast mean, Because blogger is not only a person who is earning for himself, he is the who is helping others and earning self happiness and earn by helping others are known as Blogger. Blogger is a person Who will write on some topics according to his interest for helping others so that they will aware about the information, topics, for knowledge and many more. Blogs are not only a work for earning it is also for helping others with your knowledge. 

How To Create A blog? 

In simple words, Today I will let you know about, How to Create a Blog? Simply for Creating a Blog you need Some Things Which are Required so I mentioned the Basic Requirements for the Blog Below:- 

------------- Basic Requirements to Create a Blog -------------

- A Laptop/ Or  A Mobile. 
- Content (Because if You are Blogger You Should Have Content) 
- A Google/Gmail Account

How To Create A Blog?  

-First Visit:

-Click On Create Blog or Sign In Button 

-Sign In with Google Account 

-And Your Blogger Account is Ready. 

-Now, You Have Create Your Unique Post Regarding Your Niche, Help Others and Earn. 

How To Earn From Blogger? 

Blogger is a Very Old and Very easy to use Platform where by Just Using Your Knowledge as per your Interest You can earn Weather You Have Knowledge About Health, Lifestyle, Music, Dance, Guitar Lessons, Lyrics and Many More. You Can Earn By Affiliate Marketing, By Using Your Website. You Can directly earn From Google Via Google AdSense. So Your blogger Account is Ready to lets start with blogger and Earn as you want. Platform is available you have to just start your journey. 

So, Now Blogger Series Started, So Create your Websites and Share your Experience if Facing any Issue then tell me in the Comment Box and Other Options are also Available. 

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