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Hi, i know every one is using WhatsApp and we are using it for studies, work,  and for personal use.  But we have some data in it which is very useful.  And we all scare of to loose it if some day app have some Glitch any kind of technical error, maybe Data get deleted.  

How to Take Backup in WhatsApp?  

So today we talk on how we save our data,  how can we take our data as backup. So that we are ready to fight with any kind of glitch any kind of error in future may be we face.  

How to take Data as a Backup in WhatsApp? 

>> Open WhatsApp <<

>> Click on 3 Dots (at the top Right Corner) <<

>> Click on Settings << 

>>  Click on Chat Backup <<

>> Click on Backup << 

and here your Backup is Ready till the time.  And your Data is ready to be restored at whereever you want to restore your Whatsapp Application. 

Points to Be Noticed:- 

** There are more settings about Google Drive, Because your data will get saved in your Google Drive. So you should have to know your Google account credentials.  

** You can set Time as if you want that your data get Saved Automatically, As Daily,  Weekly, Monthly,  or When you tap on Backup or Never. so you can choose as per your Choice.  

** You can Choose Whether you Want to take backup with Wi-Fi only Or with Both Wi-Fi and Mobile Network.  So you can choose as per requirement.

** If you want Data only like chats and images in your Whatsapp Data so you can leave Include video option as toggled Off or else you can toggle it On as you want Videos Included in your WhatsApp Data Backup.  

So i hope all the points are clear to you. If you like the information so you can subscribe to our blog for more information like this. Or if you want you can share as well.  So thank you and please tell me your queries so that if am able to help you so i will. 


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