Top Shortcuts which are Very Useful in Windows 11. By Digital Gaurav

Hey Guys, hope you are doing fine. This time I got too late to post. So first of all I apologize and have created the best thing for you all, so, sit down and read the full blog. Today we will discuss on top of the shortcuts in Windows 11 and even in old windows too like Windows XP/7/8 etc. So let's go with the flow. 

Shortcuts below will help you alot, so be noted. 





To Switch Between the Opened Apps. 


To Close the Existing App or At the end for Shut Down. 

Win + L key 

To Lock your PC. 

Win + D key

To Minimise All the Apps at once Whichever you are using. 


Rename Folder


Select All in File or a Folder


To copy a File or a Folder. 


To cut a File or a Folder. 


To Paste File or a Folder. 


To open a Calendar and Notification Center. 

Win+Shift + S key

To take a Screenshot. 

So for Today these are some of the Shortcuts. If you want any more information. Write down in the Comment Section or You can email me also. Follow me on Instagram also So that daily updates will be with you. 

Digital Gaurav

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