How can i use Microsoft Outlook so easy or Shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook| By Digital Gaurav

Hi Guys, 

After a long time, i am here with you an amazing topic or very urgent topics for the persons who are working in any place schools, colleges, offices, Hotels or Restaurants etc. I think these all the names I have write here are very know to all us. That's simply means as I talk about digital things always, so i  come up with How can I/you/we can make Microsoft Outlook easier or you can say Shortcuts for Outlook. 

How can i Microsoft Outlook so easy or
Shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook| By Digital Gaurav

Microsoft Outlook is the best way to convey our messages to our  colleague's  internally or within the departments or in organization or externally with our agents and we call also send to our end customer, which will make our conversation easy and in written as proof that we had that conversation or deal. 

So here without wasting any time i can share Some Shortcuts with you for Microsoft Outlook:-

DESCRIPTIONShortcuts or Key for Shortcuts
To Open/Create a New Mail/MessageCTRL+ N, CTRL+Shift+M.
To Insert File/ FolderAlt+N, A, F.
To only reply only oneCtrl+ R
To Reply AllCtrl+Shift+R, Alt+R
To Forward a Mail/MesageCtrl+F, Alt+F
To delete Something like Text, File, FolderUse delete Button.
To send an EmailCtrl+Enter, Alt+S
Shortcuts With Top keys Numbers or only With numbers
To see Mail View Ctrl+1
For Calendar ViewCtrl+2
For Contacts ViewCtrl+3
To Open Task ViewCtrl+4
To Open Notes ViewCtrl+5
Normal Use Shortcuts But Very Useful
To Search 🔍Your Mail or MessagePress F3, Ctrl+E
To open File 📁 Menu Alt+F
To Open Home 🏠Tab Alt+H
To Flag 🚩 an EmailCtrl+Shift+G
To Quick Flag 🚩an Unopened EmailPress "Insert" Key
To Mark Mail as ReadCtrl+Q
To Mark Mail as UnreadCtrl+U

So i have presented all the shortcuts to you so keep rocking. And make your life easier with them and share it with your friends, Family or colleagues. So i will come up with next blogs so earlier. Till then Stay Happy stay blessed. keep Sharing and Kindly share your ideas with me so that i can give you more content. Thank you in Advance

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